Craigieburn Basic Method to Troubleshoot and Repare Water Heater in your House

Repare Water Heater
Repare Water Heater

Most of us take a water heater for granted, just like other types of
appliance in the family. But if you take a bath and just feel cold water,
then it’s time for water heater troubleshooting. Certainly, this isn’t a
good experience, especially when winter is coming to Craigieburn. In this
post, we will show you some basic techniques to resolve some common
heater troubles.
1. No hot water

If there is no hot water coming out from the shower, then it’s likely
that the thermostat isn’t working or the flame has disappeared. In these
situations, you should:

– Examine the thermostat: Open and leave your hot water tap for several
minutes. If the burner doesn’t automatically light, then there might be a
problem with the thermostat. Unfortunately, you need to find a
professional to replace this part.

– Check the pilot light: If it is off, you can relight it yourself by
following the directions of the manufacturer.

2. Not enough hot water

The first thing you need to do is checking if the thermostat is
functioning correctly. Another possibility is that the accumulation of
deposits in the tank could reduce its working capacity for a long shower.
Therefore, make sure to flush out the tank of your water heater

If there is no problem in the tank or thermostat, then the dip tube might
be broken, which reduces the overall temperature of the water. The best
solution, in this case, is probably a replacement.

3. Smelly water

The odor of hot water mostly originates from bacteria existing in the
tank. To eliminate these harmful elements, it’s best to use some hydrogen
peroxide. You should close the whole system and run the water from each
outlet (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) and tap. Also, remember to
keep the temperature above 150 degrees to make sure the water is
bacteria-free. But you should be careful with this option if there are
elderly people or small children in the family.

In most cases, these troubleshooting and repairing tasks require some
special skills and knowledge of high temperatures and electricity. Thus,
it is advisable to get a professional heating repairer in Craigieburn to
get your normal life back as soon as possible.